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Interior Design Blog

  • The White Book – who’s who of interiors & design

    We have been listed in the The White Book – The World’s Most Beautiful Interiors Book!

    Hard copy issue out on 20th September 2013

    ”The interiors bible of the well-heeled ‘-The Tribune
    ‘The new style bible’ -The Irish Times
    ‘An inspirational guide…

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  • Architectural Drapery

    Fantastic new product to use in commercial projects in the next year.

    This product is a fantastic option for dividing commercial spaces with out restricting available light. Where RK Designs would have used moving walls or sliding panels this…

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  • LEAF Interior Design Awards

    RK Designs to attend the LEAF International Forum and Interior Design Awards.

    LEAF International, brings together leading international architectural practices, contractors and designers operating in Europe and beyond to share knowledge, to network and to develop new partnerships.

    Through a…

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Features by RK Designs

  • Our Global Village

    In the endeavor to discover how international design education enables the production of new interiors and architecture, I spoke to an eclectic group of Irish based designers who have studied for some, if not all, of their careers abroad. Murray Osborne a South African Architect now working in Chris…

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  • Landmark Tower

    Since its completion in 1965 Liberty Hall, designed by architect Desmond Ri O’Kelly has remained Dublin’s tallest building. This however is set to change as the Dublin Docklands Authority begins the development of the Landmark Tower/U2 Studio at Britain Quay.

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  • Shane Holland

    Shane Holland has been an inspiring figure in Lighting Design and Irish Manufacturing for more than a decade now so before he begins his impending decampment to Co Meath we caught up with him in his North Dublin City Workshop.

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  • Aussie Rules

    When Anna Anchor of Scott Tallon Walker Architects began work on the fit-out of the 7th floor of Fitzwilton House for the Australian Embassy the design brief was clear; no ‘Fosters’, just a high-quality finish to reflect the corporate identity of the embassy. With work commencing in July the…

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  • Interior Landscapes

    Dublin’s built environment has seen dramatic changes over the last decade. The greedy hand of urban sprawl has touched almost every plot of virgin land and with longer works hours than ever before we as a generation are becoming increasingly divorced from life outdoors. To counteract this growing divide…

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  • Northern Exposure – Danish Design

    In 1961 a group of Danish lecturers and designers examined Ireland’s design industry, which led to the establishment of the Kilkenny Design Centre in 1965. Once again the minimalist eye of Danish design has been cast over the Irish furniture scene. September saw the launch of the Great Danes…

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  • 02 Point Club

    The moment I stepped into the offices of One Productions on Clare Street I sense the creatively charged atmosphere of the company. The designers of The O2 Point Club have much to be happy about, not only are they soon to launch a fashion and jewellery line but they…

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  • David Marshall

    From the copper metal of the out side finishes to the interior marble floors, the materials draw the eye through a well-designed space. The interior architect on this job, Ulla Enkvist had worked on David Marshall’s school on Georges street and as a result was asked to over see…

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  • Hollybrook

    Apartment dwelling in Dublin has, until recently, been a matter of compromise. As the cost of real estate and labour increased so did the compromise. The design desires of architects and designers were regularly hampered by the reality of construction costs, leading to below standard accommodation.

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  • Herman Miller – Design Giants

    In a recent Wednesday evening when many Dubliners were still in traffic trying to escape the city I attended the launch of the new Mirra chair in the National Gallery, which Peter Lloyd of Herman Miller believes “is poised to become the new “Best in Class” for mid price…

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  • Add real value to your home

    Stop! Before you waste thousands on structural home improvements read this advice from the experts.
    Time and time again we are bombarded with information as to what structural work will add or reduce a property’s value. For instance a recent home improvements programme questioned whether it was more valuable to…

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Articles Featuring RK Designs

  • Dedicated to Design

    RK Designs was Ruth Kennelly in 2000. Ruth’s international career as a manager for British Steel has given her a unique combination of world class project management skills to go with intuitive creative ability as an interior designer. She…

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  • Treasure Chest

    Even though bed blankets have been ousted by the duvet, the old blanket chest still holds its own as a useful piece of furniture. My own is in waxed pine. It was bought for a fiver many years ago and sits nicely outside the bathroom packed with fresh towels….

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  • Getting an online start

    Every start-up should have a website, even if it’s just to introduce the business and give basic contact details.But what does a basic website really need to do? And how much should a small new company budget for?

    As a rule of thumb, the cost of a functional website for…

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